You must be a recognized motorcycle club or riding association in good standing with the dominant club(s) and other motorcycle clubs in your part of the state. Then you must attend COC meetings before you can be voted for membership.
The COC only approves or disapproves membership into the COC they do not approve or disapprove any club patch.



We demonstrated our unwavering “passion for politics” as we participated in the annual ABATE Awareness Rally Saturday May 5, 2018. We left the rally point at A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson in Columbus and headed to the State House and our contingency was so large, we basically took over the downtown area. While given the opportunity, we spoke from the stairs of the State House in front of hundreds as we began our push on an Ohio Anti-profiling Bill. Ohio Coalition of Clubs is dedicated to the grassroots effort to fight for freedom and pass laws addressing profiling and discrimination.


The Ohio Coalition of Clubs proudly donated $2,000 today to Dayton Children's Hospital which allowed us to further offer support in helping deliver state-of-the-art medical services to children in our region, regardless of the family's ability to pay. At Dayton Children’s not for profit facility, they are all specialists. Some of them specialize in cures for cancer or broken bones. Others in all types of therapy or friendly hellos. But at the culmination of each day, Dayton Children’s is exactly like your Ohio Coalition of Clubs … we all share one very important specialty… kids!! Every year Dayton Children’s will see over 300,000 patient visits giving our Coalition 300,000 reasons to contribute to this most noteworthy program. We are extremely proud to partner with Children’s to further help our community children lead healthy lives, make them feel better when they’re sick or hurt, and make sure that life’s obstacles don’t stop them from experiencing the joy of being a kid. It was truly and honor and privilege to donate and thank you to all that have supported us and we look forward to your continued support.


OHIO state coalition of Clubs


The Ohio CoC is a Motorcycle Rights Organization that was formed in 2003 to represent and support the motorcycle riding community of all Ohio. We welcome not only Harley Davidson riders but riders of all brands and types of motorcycle clubs to our group. We invite you to attend a meeting and to join our alliance to fight discrimination and resist the stereotype that "Bikers" are anything other than what we are - honest and hardworking voters and citizens.

  • Did you know that any group of 3 or more riders together can be considered a gang? It does not matter if you have a patch, ride a Sport Bike, a BMW or a Harley.
  • Do you know that at a recent annual MC event here that local police had multiple snipers overlooking the street and officers armed with M-4's and other full auto assault rifles walking the streets like we were in Iraq or under Marshall Law?
  • Are you tired of seeing TV shows like Gangland and Sons of Anarchy depicting Motorcycle Clubs as Gangs and drug dealing murders?

Since the 1950's Films and TV have shown "Bikers" over and over as evil, lawless hooligans. While we support artistic freedom, we ask you take a minute to see how many of your co-workers and neighbors are bikers, not criminals or gang members. Enjoy those shows for what they are - FICTION! Just as Anthony Hopkins is not the character Hannibal Lector; we are not gang members, it is only fiction!

We invite all LIBERTY MINDED OHIOANS to join our cause for Freedom. We ask you to think about the slippery slope that Law Enforcement and Government has set upon. The Government is spying on all of us while attempting to control our most basic rights, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

So if you have a group you ride with we ask you to join our cause, for way too many years we have been led to believe that Sport bikers and Harley Riders have nothing in common, that BMW or Goldwing riders are different from "US" and That Street and Dirt Riders don't care about the other. We are all riding the same roads, being harassed by police and car drivers, we need to unite and speak with one loud and clear voice - we demand our rights, and we VOTE!
We are a proud part of our community

While we fight hard to protect everyone's rights, we are also very aware that we are members of a great community. We strive to put our pride in Ohio to work, with meaningful actions. Our biker clubs in our COC have dozens of Local Charities we support. Think about that - a bunch of bikers have year after year have been there to support the most noteworthy of causes yet still get labeled.   Just this century, we estimate that MCs have donated at least another $500K!! That amazes me to type this... while we are a bunch of bikers, I challenge any other local group to step up and get it done the way we do. We are proud to hold our heads high and know we make a real difference every time.

  • Bring the patch holders together.
  • Enrich Communication between clubs
  • Create a judicial coming together (not legislative) to protect our rights through the courts
  • Combat Harassment and Discrimination
  • Introduce anti-discrimination legislation in Confederation States that presently leave bikers unprotected; to work with state motorcycle rights organization (MRO) on new laws
  • Form delegation of patch holders and other affected bikers, present police harassment grievances to the police chief and/or civic entity responsible.
  • Working with local state MROs on legislative matters (ie. helmet issues, anti-biker discrimination, etc).
  • Working with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists on national and federal matters (ie. helmet issues, federal Gang Bill, etc).